Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Professional Development Building
2700 Dolittle Dr
Ellsworth AFB SD 57706
(Across from base theater on the same side as DDR)

Development Advisor
(605) 385-2367
Professional Development NCO/FTEC Lead
Email: 28FSS.FSDP.ProfDlvpCntr@us.af.mil


Professional Development provides Ellsworth AFB with the best in enlisted professional development through enhancement seminars and First Term Airmen Course administration.

We promise to fulfill your professional developmental needs through education, training and participation.


Development Advisor

The Development Advisor provides career counseling for Total Force members of Team Ellsworth and offers specialized knowledge in retraining, commissioning, and various additional retention programs. The Development Advisors also supports Team Ellsworth’s Professional Development by providing a variety of courses to include First Term Enlisted Course and Enlisted Foundations Courses. Development Advisors are available to provide squadrons and groups relevant career information during Commander’s Calls, training days, or when requested.

First Term Enlisted Course (FTEC)

Course Length: 5 Days

Who: First term enlisted members; attendance mandatory within 45 days of arrival to first duty station.

Description: The First-Term Enlisted Course (FTEC) is a five-day course which provides informative briefings and training for newly assigned first-term enlisted members. Military professionalism, Enlisted Force Structure, resiliency, and financial management are some of the topics addressed during FTEC. Upon completion of the course, members will be better able to transition out of the technical training environment and into the operational Air Force. Airmen are required to attend all 5 scheduled days and will NOT be able to attend personal appointments during this time. Registration should take place at the Raider Welcome Center during initial base inprocessing.

Available by Appointment

Commanders Calls
Unit Professional Enhancement Courses
Professional Organizations
Roll Calls
Leadership Courses
Other situations as needed

SNCO Foundations 700 (SNCOFC 700)

Course Length: 5 Days

The SNCO Foundations Course 700 will be a prerequisite for the Senior Non-commissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) beginning FY25. The course provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to develop, advises and lead teams successfully, and facilitates technical expertise for transitioning from first-line supervisors and trainers to leaders of teams. The SNCOFC 700 assists students in engaging in strategic leadership at the 9-skill level, offering a rich arsenal of influence tactics for changing people’s viewpoints and behaviors. It assists students in learning how to build and maintain social relationships to maximize their informal power and influence in an organization. The course goes beyond managing into a proactive stance that will take the organization forward.

Informed Decision Seminar

This seminar is an educational experience specifically designed to enhance one’s knowledge of Air Force benefits, highlighted program requirements, and processes. The goal is to ensure personnel obtain the needed information in order to make the best decision for them and their family. FTA and STA 12-15 months prior to their DOS are required to attend unless pending involuntary separation.


NCO Foundations 500 (NCOFC 500)

Course Length: 5 Days

The NCO Foundations Course 500 will be a prerequisite for the Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) beginning FY25. The course provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to lead by setting the example. It also enhances the students’ capacity to continually advance factors that shape organizational culture, offer guidance that empowers students to reflect on their behaviors in relation to the Airmen Leadership Qualities and facilitate students’ comprehension of techniques that contribute to establishing robust networks. The NCOF 500 assist students in grasping the connection between attention to detail, establishing impactful communication and fostering a culture of trust. It promotes the realization that asking the appropriate questions involves understanding how to utilize the answers effectively.

Junior Enlisted Foundations 300 (JEFC300)

Course Length: 5 Days

The Junior Enlisted Foundations Course 300 bridges the gap between tech school and Airman Leadership School (ALS) and will be a prerequisite for ALS beginning FY25. The course provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to conform to standards, custom and courtesies, and offers guidance to help enhance the students’ focus on becoming highly efficient career field and 5-skill level agents. The JEFC 300 empowers Airman to reflect on their behaviors in relation to the Airmen Leadership Qualities. It facilitates the journey to developing supervisory and leadership skills, developing the competency of leading individuals and teams, and understanding the guardrails and guidelines of supervision.


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