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Professional Development Building
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Development Advisor
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Development Advisor

The Development Advisor (DA) advises commanders, supervisors, and enlisted personnel on retention activities and programs, helps determine local factors that negatively influence career decisions, and develops programs to address those concerns, provides information and guidance on career decisions, and helps commanders develop career information and motivation programs, and assists supervisors and commanders in counseling enlisted personnel on reenlistment opportunities and benefits.

Professional Development Center


The Professional Development Center (PDC) provides continuous reinforcement, “booster shots” of professional growth and development through 3-5 day Professional Enhancement courses designed to bridge the time gap between the three levels of Enlisted Professional Military Education.

First Term Airman Center (FTAC)

The FTAC provides a structured program to transition Airmen from a training mindset to a mission-oriented environment. FTAC provides orientation type information and reinforces lessons learned in BMTS and technical training to aid in successful transition. This provides a unique opportunity to create an environment for Airmen to further develop their warrior ethos and continued expeditionary mindset. All FTA must attend an FTAC.

Available by Appointment

Commanders Calls
Unit Professional Enhancement Courses
Professional Organizations
Roll Calls
Leadership Courses
Other situations as needed

SNCO Professional Enhancement (SNCOPE) Seminar

This course is designed to augment and reinforce (not replace) information taught in Basic Military Training, technical training, ancillary training, PME, or job experience. The SNCOPE seminar is designed to provide newly selected MSgts with an in-depth view of their increased supervisory, leadership, and managerial responsibilities.


Informed Decision Seminar

This seminar is an educational experience specifically designed to enhance one’s knowledge of Air Force benefits, highlighted program requirements, and processes. The goal is to ensure personnel obtain the needed information in order to make the best decision for them and their family. FTA and STA 12-15 months prior to their DOS are required to attend unless pending involuntary separation.


NCO Professional Enhancement (NCOPE) Seminar

The NCOPE seminar is designed to augment and reinforce information taught in BMT, technical training, ancillary training, PME, and job experience. The NCOPE Course is designed to target NCOs who completed ALS at least three years prior and/or who have not yet attended the NCO Academy.


Airmen Leadership School (ALS) Seminar

If selected, one will complete their first step in the enlisted Professional Military Education continuum, Airman Leadership School. This course is five and a half weeks of challenging curriculum which will strengthen your teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Mission Statement: Provide the continuum of education necessary to inspire and develop enlisted leaders with the moral framework of integrity, service, and excellence.

Vision: Develop Airmen with a Warrior Ethos and a Passion for Leading in the cause of Freedom.

Professional Development provides Ellsworth AFB with the best in enlisted professional development through enhancement seminars and First Term Airmen Course administration. We promise to fulfill your professional developmental needs through education, training and participation.


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