Child Development Center

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Key Staff

Child Development Center Director - Susan Ratkovsky (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Operations Manager - Tina Parks (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

To register your child at the Child Development Center, visit 

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The road in front of the Child Development Center is closed due to construction.  Please take the detour through housing while the road is closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.




Mission statement:

The primary mission of the Child Development Center is to provide quality child care service to Team Ellsworth to enable team members to meet mission requirements worldwide with the knowledge that their children are in a safe, healthy environment that fosters individual development through independent and creative exploration of their world.

In case of inclement weather the commander can declare H-Hour (the time when the base is closed and people begin to leave the base according to how far they live from the base). Once H-Hour has been declared, the children should be picked up so the CDC employees can leave the base also.

Preschoolers are children from 3-5 years old.  We have a developmental approach to preschool using The Creative Curriculum.  The teachers write a weekly lesson plan with activities planned intentional to target individual children's development.  The curriculum includes activities in the areas of social emotional, cognitive, physical and language development.  Preschool is Monday through Friday between the hours of 615-1730 this is a year round program.  The cost is based on total family income and the rates are posted on the FSS/CDC website.

Call 385-2488 with any questions.

Give Parents a Break
Give Parents a Break is a community grant program offered to families by the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS).
"The AFAS recognizes that Air Force families are subject to unique stresses due to the nature of military life - deployments, remote tours of duty, extended working hours, etc. Families are often separated from spouses as well as from extended family members who might otherwise offer support. In an effort to help these families, the AFAS, in cooperation with the Air Force child care community, has agreed to provide funding for child care for active duty Air Force families under a program called "Give Parents a Break".

To enroll in this program, a certificate of eligibility needs to be collected from the Ellsworth AFB Airman and Family Readiness Center, as well as a completed copy of the AF 1181, Immunization Record.  If your child is of school age (5 - 13) bring all the documentation to the Youth Center to sign up. If your child is younger than 5 please check with the Child Development Center (CDC).

For a complete schedule for the 2018 Ellsworth AFB Give Parents a Break dates, please click here: 2018 Ellsworth AFB Give Parents a Break

  • Hours of Operation


    Monday - Friday
    6:15AM - 5:30PM


    1314 LeMay Blvd
    Primary: 605-385-2488




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