Scavenger Hunt Bike Ride

Saturday, 30 May 2020 at 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Ellsworth AFB

Outdoor Recreation

Base Nature Scavenger Hunt Bike Ride

Saturday, 30 May from 10 AM to 2 PM


Sign up on Eventbrite by Thursday, 28 May.

Participants will compete as individual households in a base nature scavenger hunt on bikes. With the registration fee everyone in the family will be provided a bike if they need it (no little kid bikes). There will be prizes for the first three places that complete the scavenger hunt the fastest. We have bikes for 20 adults and kid carriers for 3 children (first come first serve).

Must be a DOD cardholder with access to Ellsworth AFB to participate

Please indicate if you will be needing bikes.

For more information, please contact ODR at 605-385-2994 or 605-385-2997.

Rules and Procedures:

On the day before the event, you will get an email from ODR directing you to the Gmail associated with this year’s event. You will not receive the scavenger hunt list till the event starts. When your group finds an item on the list you will take a picture of the item and all but one person from your group must be in the picture. Once you have successfully found as many items on the list as you can, you will send one email with all the attached pictures to the event Gmail. Each Item will get you a point, there will be some bonus questions that will be much hardener then the rest. They will be worth more points. The top three groups with the most points will have the choice of three prizes with first place having first choice. We will notify the top three after the event has ended and you will be able to come into ODR to claim your prize.No motorized or electric powered bikes. Children may ride in bike mounted kid carrier (they must be wearing a properly fitting helmet) No riding bikes through lawns or other planted areas. All participants must be wearing a helmet at all times (if you are caught not properly wearing a helmet while on a bike your group will be disqualified)Everyone must be wearing close toed shoes. Your group must be together at all times. If you need a bike, your groups entry fee will get you a free bike rental from ODR for each person in your group. Please call ODR for availability and to schedule a time. The bikes are available on a first come first serve bases.

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