Military Personnel

The Military Personnel Section is here to service all Airmen assigned to Ellsworth Air Force Base and those visiting the local areas. We support Active Duty Military Members, Reservists, the National Guard, retirees and dependents just to name a few.



For more information on Assignments, Benefits, Entitlements, Career Management, Compensation, Evaluations, Force Development, Promotion, Retention, Retirement, and Separations please visit


ID Card/Customer Support Section:
Contact this section for the most current requirements for support with Marriage/Divorce Updates, Adding Dependents, Identification Cards, Passports, Awards & Decorations, Citizenship and Serviceman's Group Life Insurance (SGLI).

Replacing a Lost/Stolen ID Card: All personnel, regardless of rank, who require a new ID Card to replace a lost/stolen one, must complete the Lost/Stolen Identification Card MFR. Please click HERE for the template. This form must be completed and signed by the First Sergeant, Section Chief or Commander and brought to the MPS when requesting a new ID Card.

Dependent ID Card Renewal: IAW AFI 36-3026, replacement cards will only be done within 30 days of expiration. Sponsors must sign DD Form 1172-2 in order for cards to be replaced or dependant must have a current Power of Attorney.


Military Customer Support Section:

Contact this section for support with updating sponsors, in-processing, LeaveWeb, and UIFs.


Force Management Section:
Contact this section for support with Evaluations, Duty Status Updates, Classifications, and PCAs.


Career Development Section:
385-3432/1892 / 2572
Contact this section for support with Assignments, Separations, Retirements, Reenlistments, Extensions, promotions, and demotions.



    Hours of Operation

    Military Personnel Section
    Monday Friday
    * Closed: Third Wednesday of
    every month for training.
    Military ID Cards Section
    Monday - Friday
    0730-1400 Third Wednesday of
    Every Month