Guaranteed hours(established shift + benefits)
No guaranteed hours (variable shift + use of NAF facilities)
All applications are completed through www.nafjobs.org.
Paper applications are no longer accepted at the Human Resources office. 
When a manager needs to fill a position he or she will select from the applications submitted online. You must submit a separate application for each job title for which you wish to be considered. Once logged on to nafjobs.org, the program will "walk you through" the application process.

* Applications for the Child Development Center and Youth Center must have the following attachments where applicable: High School Diploma/GED, Associates/ Bachelors Degree.

* Some positions require Installation Records Check (IRC) and National Agency Check (NAC) background checks. This means we must request a check of records at bases you have been at previously (IRC) and request a (NAC) through the Security Forces. Positions working with children also require State Criminal History Record Checks (SCHRC).

Please take careful note of the requirements for each position and of hiring preferences.
We cannot process incomplete applications.

Telephone: 385-2465


Military spouses may be eligible for Spouse Preference if they:
  • Are listed on their sponsor's Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders for Ellsworth; eligibility is also extended to spouses who marry subsequent to PCS assignment and whose sponsor's orders are amended as such.
  • Have advised this office of their eligibility and present a copy of sponsor's orders with their application; and
  • Have not accepted or declined a permanent (over 365 day tenure) Appropriated (Civil Service ) or Non-Appropriated position (to include AAFES) since their arrival at Ellsworth AFB.
Selection under spouse preference applies only once for each PCS move.
NOTE: Military Spouse Preference pertains only to active duty PCS assignments and not TDYs or moves in conjunction with a retirement from active duty.

Transition Hiring Preference
Public law 101-510 provides hiring preference for military members who separate under VSI/SSB. This provides preference over all other applicants except those with spouse preference. Preference only applies to NF-III positions and below. If you are the spouse of a THP eligible, you may also be eligible for this preference with your THP ID card. A 180-day waiting period may effect your VSI/SSB benefits if you except a position prior to completion of that time.

Veteran's Hiring Preference
To establish veteran's preference, we must have the following:
  • DD-214
Employment of Off-Duty Military
Active Duty Military applicants must submit a completed AF Form 3902, Approval for Off Duty Employment, with each application for employment.

Applications will remain on file for 90 days. A 90-day extension may be granted if requested prior to original expiration date.
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