Swimming Pools

Indoor Pool*

The Indoor Pool at Ellsworth AFB (Bellamy Fitness Center) is a 7-lane, 25-yard pool with water temperature at a comfortable 82 degrees. Easily accessible stairs make it safer for people of all ages and abilities to enter and exit the pool that ranges in depth from 3 1/2 to 9 feet.

A lap timer, basketball hoop, diving blocks and a variety of water exercise equipment are available for your use. 
The indoor pool is managed by the Bellamy Fitness Center and is a fitness-only pool.

*We will reserve up to 2 lanes for lap swim whenever possible during all hours of operation.

Outdoor Pool**
The Outdoor Pool at Ellsworth AFB is a 25-yard pool.
Our staff includes certified lifeguards who are on duty during all open pool hours.
The Outdoor Pool opens for the summer months when the weather is above 70 degrees.

For Outdoor Pool pricing information please CLICK HERE
For Outdoor Pool rules please CLICK HERE

**In case of severe weather, the pool will close and will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning or sound of thunder.


  • Hours of Operation

    Indoor Pool**

    Mon-Thurs 0600-1300

    Friday 0600-1200

    Mon-Fri 1630-1900


    Weekends & Holidays/Down Days



    Outdoor Pool**
    Closed for the season.


    Any questions call the Bellamy Fitness Center at 385-2265