The Aspen Inn

A temporary lodging facility for families. This facility has 29 apartments. Each unit will accommodate a family of four. All apartments are equipped with modern appliances. Some units are pet friendly.

TLFs are extremely limited between July and August. Call lodging for availability as soon as you have an arrival date.

To reserve a room online go to

aspin inn 1aspin inn 2

  • Hours of Operation

    For Reservations Please Call
    DSN 675-2844
    Commercial (605) 385-2844

    All E-9/O-6 and above please call Protocol
    DSN 675-1205
    Commercial (605) 385-1205

    DSN 675-2718
    Commercial (605) 385-2718

    24 Hours - 7 Days a Week

    2349 Risner Drive